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Theory of Imagination

In the theory on Body Centered Imagination (BCI) / Symptom-Symbol-Transforma- tion (SST) we enter quantum physics (in contrast to classical physics). The events in imagination are acausal and therefore analogous to quantum physics. Every new physical insight is based on measurements. In classical physics they are causal, that means predictable and reproducible. If one measures the height of a house, always the same result is obtained, e. g. 10 m [meters]. Adding 5 m on top changes the measurements predictably and reproducibly to 15 m –  that is causal. Not so in the quantum world! A quantum system, e. g. an elementary particle or an atom consists of various overlapped states at the same time and only in the act of measurement it decides on a certain value. To illustrate the absurdity to our everyday consciousness I again use the example of measuring the height of a house: If the house was a quantum system it might have the heights of 6 m, 8 m, 10 m, 12 m und 14 m at the same time. Each measurement would result in one of those values (in between values are not possible) but one could never predict  which one – that is acausal. There’s only statistical probability and the mean value would be let’s say 10 m. But here we are interested in the single measurement and this is acausal just as the events in an imagination are acausal. Prior to measuring there are merely possibilities, potential, we obtain certainty only by observation. That’s why the Nobel laureate Werner Heisenberg said, that in quantum mechanics the observation creates reality. In this spirit observation is an act of creation. Another example: No one knows, when exactly a single radioactive atom decays. For a big number of uniform atoms the half life is known, the time in which half of the atoms decay. But there is no mathematical equation predicting the single radio- active decay, it is acausal. Another Nobel laureate, Wolfgang Pauli said the radio- active decay was therefore magic. He may still be resented for this if not ignored altogether. In the Body Centered Imagination (BCI) respectively the Symptom-Symbol-Trans- formation (SST) one simply observes without knowing when something will hap- pen. In this spirit the imagination is analogous to the single radioactive decay. The result though is beneficial as opposed to nuclear radiation which often enough cau- ses harm in human hands (but then nuclear radiation is also used diagnostically and therapeutically). To this effect one may call BCI / SST a kind of quantum healing. It is crucial that we don’t manipulate and that we have no aim in mind. We just let it happen and merely observe what nature is going to show us. So we witness spontaneous inner acts of creation. Wolfgang Pauli was not only Professor of physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, he also was a founder member (patron) of the C. G. Jung Institute at Küsnacht. A fact that is swept under the carpet just as gladly as the one that Isaac Newton was also a significant alchemist [1]. So Pauli began considering what the archetypal background of physical terms  could be. [2]. The archetype behind quantum physical measuring is the possibility of an act of creation by the observer: Mere observation creates something new in our world here and now that we can empirically experience. The deepest background of natural nuclear decay is the principle of spontaneity breaking through causality (cause and effect). To be clear, the imagination BCI / SST is not quantum mechanics  they are related on a deeper level. Behind both the same archetypes are active: The archetype of spontaneity and the archetype of creation by observation. [1] http://www.alchemylab.com/isaac_newton.htm [2] „The Return of the World Soul“ vol. 1 by Remo Roth, 2011.
Imaginations were also an important  part of the alchemical Opus.

Article on “Negative” Energy

For Remo Roth’s new book [3] on the alchemical roots of his imagiation BCI for which I was a lector I contributed an article for the glossary on “negative” energy mainly focusing on its diffi- cult role in physics. “Negative” energy is crucial in the imagination BCI / SST, it is responsible for the spontaneous acts of creation and healing as described on the left side of the page. It should be called more approprately positive energy! The article is dense, interested readers find exten- sions in the bibliographical references below: Since in contrast to classical physics, quantum physical energy is quantized, it can have a positi- ve as well as a negative sign. Benjamin Franklin randomly designated the positive and negative signs of electrical charge in the 18th century. Had he chosen otherwise, the electron would now have a positive charge and our positive energy would have a negative sign. Then surely one woud have looked out for the missing “positive” energy. Paul Dirac postulated a sea of particles with negative energy in 1928 (additionally to the known positive, physical energy) by means of Dirac’s Equation. He predicted the existence of antimat- ter which in the form of the positron was detected in 1932. At the time he interpreted the positron as a hole in Dirac’s sea. Today’s mainstream physics interprets states of negative energy as “creation operators” for antimatter (with positive energy) in quantum field theory. This develop- ment started with Werner Heisenberg who along with other peers applied enormous pressure and mathematical tricks until nothing was left of Dirac’s sea in the 1930ies but a physical anec- dote. This is so because unwritten law of mainstream physics neither allows for negative energy to be more than a mathematical formalism, nor for a metaphysical realm to exist which as a mat- ter of principle cannot be directly detected by physical means. Any such thing, if it cannot be ig- nored, must be interpreted away. And so it was. Don Hotson goes a different way in his theory – so far ignored by mainstream physics – by no longer reducing the states of negative energy to nothingness (this was also Dirac’s initial posi- tion he could not maintain). Out of Dirac’s sea of particles with negative energy (vacuum in mainstream physics) electron positron pairs emerge upon addition of positive energy. Their “an- nihilation” is seen as a sinking back into Dirac’s sea with negative energy while emitting two photons. Dirac’s sea is not directly detectable by physical means though various indirect evi- dence is given as well as the solution of several problems by which the standard model of phy- sics is ridden today [4, 5]. So Dirac’s sea can be seen to form a metaphysical background of physics or the other half of reality as predicted by Dirac’s Equation. See also the concept of potential being [2]. For Hotson the aether in physics of the 19th century was the precursor of Dirac’s sea and since the aether concept had been defeated only recently, Dirac’s sea which had so much resemblance with it could not be tolerated. Yet another reason it had to vanish in the 1930ies. Hotson states the nonlocal, quantum-entangled nature of Dirac’s sea, ruled by one single wave function, connecting it also with psi phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychic healing, psychokinesis (Pauli effect), remote viewing, out of body experiences and near death experiences [6]. Therefore, we postulate that Dirac’s sea and the Unus Mundus (psycho- physical reality of which the collecitve unconscious is the more psychic part) are ultimately iden- tical. When directly observed in the BCI the term “Unus Mundus” is more obvious, when ap- proached by Dirac’s Equation it rather is “Dirac’s sea”. [3] “Holy Wedding: The Inclusion of Synchronicity and Hermetic Principles in the Worldview of the 21st Century” by Remo Roth, 2017. [4] http://bit.ly/292rS30 [5] http://bit.ly/2je08cG [6] http://bit.ly/2a9eLeB