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                        Disease, Symptoms ... 

... are based on an imbalance of life energy  caused by blockages in the view of Polarity.   The following issues among many others lead people to my practice: pain (acute or chronic) and tension. Pain loops (lowered pain threshold) can be desensitized, also in case of trigeminus neuralgia, (including toothache caused by the trigeminus - first check with dentist), even phantom pain. stress, exhaustion, nervosity and insomnia skeletal malposition, whiplash digestive disorders and many further symptoms and diseases Also accompanying conventional therapies, for postoperative rehabilitation and accompanying emotional processes such as grief, loss, periods of transition etc. Polarity is useful. I also offer massages against acidosis: Acidic metabolic waste products stored in the connective tissue under the skin will be manually mobilised in order to be excreted. For example to assist cleansing and fasting cures. Also without (physical) pain you can benefit from my sessions. Maybe there is an issue you would like to deal with inwardly and would like some help or guidance. Gladly I will assist you with my feeling, intuition, my knowledge and experience. The Imagintion then may be of interest to you. Do you want to regain and maintain your vitality? I can to support you with Polarity Therapy in my practice Zurich Polarity. I treat the complete human being with this holistic health system (see on the right hand side) and don’t limit myself to single symptoms. CHF 130 for 60 minutes. CHF 10.85 for every further five minutes. Cancelling/postponing please at least 24 hours before the appointment, so the hour will not have to be charged. I am fluent in English, I lived and worked in London for two years.

Health Insurances

Many complementary health insurances will refund a part of the cost for the treatment with

this officially recognised method. I am approved by EMR:

The EMR Quality Label includes the following affiliate Insurances. My ZSR-Nr.: H950477 Important: Ascertain previously if and how much your complementary health insurance will refund.
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Health is movement. Disease is fixation.



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A Short Definition of Polarity-Therapy

Polarity is a well-balanced combination of treatments in line with the fundamental principle of polarities. Polarities (positive/negative, male/female, light/dark, Yin/Yang etc.) enable life in the first place so they are key when trying to rebalance it. The neutral pole helps to even out imbalances. I use the following Polarity pillars working towards this: body treatment clothed on a massage table (less often sitting on a chair or standing) communication model (authentic communication) polarity yoga (simple exercises) nutrition / cleansing according to the Polarity principles mindfulness Polarity was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone (1890 - 1981). He lived in the USA and included also the following knowlege into Polarity, some of which he had acquired in faraway countries : reflexology elements of cranio-sacral therapy old European knowledge (alchemy as practiced by Paracelsus) old Indian knowledge (ayurveda) old Chinese knowledge (taoism)