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Beneficial Imaginations

What’s the use of imaginations? When can they be applied? Often it is observed that the imaginations described here are healing emotionally and physically. Even diseases deemed incurable (e. g. multiple sclerosis) can be relieved or even healed in some cases [1, vol. 2 p. 160]. On a mental level the con- tact to the own inner world is usually deemed meaningful and may lead to a very personal spiritual path. On a more everyday note such meaning and focus can raise the mood. There are various types of imaginations, C. G. Jung has developed his Active Imagination and a Shamanic Journey is an imagination, too in today’s western view. Sometimes the term “imagination” is used meaning “autosuggestion”. The latter can be very useful, too, but this web page is about observing and enabling spon- taneous inner events leading to beneficial effects. Paracelsus used to work with imaginations: Paracelsus is the magus as a doctor operating not only on his patients' bodies but also on their imaginations.” [2] In my practice I work with a reinterpretation thereof. It is called Body Centered Imagination (BCI) respectively Symptom-Symbol-Transformation (SST)  – two terms for the same. It was developed by Dr. Remo Roth [1]. I learned his method directly by him – he is a student of Marie-Louise von Franz, one of the major students of C. G. Jung. In everyday live we experience our body and the environment by the central ner- vous system, the brain. During the imagination we focus on the body and now shift to the perception of the inner aspect of the body by the vegetative nervous system and the enteric nervous system also called belly brain. [3]. This state is called a semi trance; one is awake all the way through and is able to terminate it anytime. The belly brain now “thinks” in spontaneous inner images and experiences the vegetative body by means of spontaneous vegetative sensation. Other terms for “vegetative body” are “subtle body” or in the east “diamond body”; in Polarity it corresponds to the energy anatomy. The belly brain produces the spontaneous inner acts of creation that quantum physics observes outwardly (next page). These primary inner images and vegetative sensations correspond to the symp- toms of a disease respectively a problem. They are so to speak the inner view of the body and the symptoms / problems. The experience of these spontaneous inner, deeply corporal and often emotional images and vegetative sensations are the basis for the Body Centered Imagination (BCI) respectively the Symptom- Symbol-Transformation (SST). It is these spontaneous inner acts of creation of new images which lead to recovery and healing. A few years later I came across a similar method at the Polarity Bildungszentrum Schweiz in the Authentic Communication. In my experience the methods are equivalent. The ostensible difference is that here one has one image for the symptom / problem and another one as a counter pole. Again thereof in a spon- taneous inner act of creation the new and beneficial image occurs. Each practitioner evolves his personal style over the years. My specialty is the combining of Polarity body work, Authentic Communication and BCI / SST as well as sound – I apply them as needed. I usually support the imagination work with hand contacts and use specific questions to overcome initial difficulties. The joined focus also facilitates the imagination. I said imagination work and is work in spite of the spontaneity: Specially a focus is needed. The soil has to be prepared so to speak for a seed to grow a flower.

Examples from My Practice:

Example 1: In a first imagination out of two images a heavy, dark stone emerged above the heart. It became lighter and porose with the colour of sand. In a second imagination it was a gray and shiny stone but still light and porose. It assumed the shape of a heart and then grew white feathers. Balloons in various colours rose. The feathered stone started rotating and rising towards the sky, joining the balloons along with a feeling of reconciliation with the situation. Example 2: Two primary images lead in an spontaneous inner act of creation to the image of Tasmania (island south of Australia). The view went south (towards the Antarctic) from the shore over the smooth sea. There in the south [!] a crimson sunset presented itself across the sea and the feeling was soothing. Example 3: A heavy sensation in the cardiac region became a confining iron ring around the heart. After some time this image was replaced by the image of outer space and deep peace. The constriction has become a new space in the spontaneous inner act of creation. [1] „The Return of the World Soul“ vol. 1 and 2 by Remo Roth, 2011, 2012. [2] „Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition” by Francis Yates, p. 169. [3] „The Second Brain“ by Michael Gershon. Around the bowels there are about 100 Million neurons of the same kind as in the brain.
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