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Sound Healing

I use singing bowls and tuning forks for sound healing [1]. Either directly on the body so the vibrations can be felt or only audible for the ears. Sound has always been used for healing, starting with the shamans and their drums and whistles. Pythagoras investigated the numerical proportions of sounds, of the intervals, our scales are based on this. The ancient greeks built temples according to the numerical proportions of the musical intervals and perfomed sound healing sessions in them playing lyras tuned according to Pythagoras. Each interval has specific effects on the body, nervous system and psyche, and they can be applied specifically. If you are interested in the more theoretical aspects, the following is for you - sound healing works just as well if you don’t have the knowledge of its background however: C major scale: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, c [just temperament] Intervals: C-D, major second, 8/9 C-E, major third, 4/5 C-F, fourth, 3/4 C-G, fifth, 2/3 C-A, major sixth, 3/5 C-B, major seventh, 8/15 C-c, oktave, 1/2 An interesting recent advancement are intervals according to the Fibonacci sequence. They are designed to lead into alternate reality. Using them is also called alchemy of sound. Fibonacci sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ... Start with 0 and 1. For the next number always add the two previous ones. Intervals according to the Fibonacci sequence: (1/1), 1/2 (ocktave), 2/3 (fifth), 3/5 (major sixth), 5/8, 8/13, 13/21, 21/34 The numerical ratios approach the Golden Mean: 0.618... One can imagine these intervals to be a sea shell or sunflower turned into sound as the Fibonacci sequence is found there and in many other places in nature. The singing bowls I use and some of the tuning forks are tuned to planet frequencies. This allows astrological applications. Finally I use tuning forks activating the different brain waves as required. [1] „Human Tuning“ by John Beaulieu.
Lyra player
The Athena temple in Priene was built according to the numerical proportions of the musical intervals.
Fibonacci sequence
The most important interval in sound healing: The fifth
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